Elevated Land Surveying + Mapping

Our land surveying team at PLSA upholds our core company values as well as respecting our responsibility to the public to protect one of California’s most important assets; the land. Our surveyors serve the public by providing accurate mapping, ensuring orderly development through land planning, locating boundary lines, legally describing land, locating new improvements, establishing positions and elevations, mapping the earth’s contours, and subdividing land.

An emphasis on practice, with an eye to advancing technology. Rapidly changing technology has transformed Land Surveying practice dramatically; gone are the days of three-person survey crews and hand-drafted plats.  PLSA utilizes cutting-edge robotic instruments, laser measurements, network GPS, and more capable software to make our process more efficient.  We strive to advance to new technology as it becomes a realistic way to improve our service to our clients.  

The core practice of Land Surveying has it’s roots in law and science and transcends most technological change.  Our survey staff’s familiarity with legal doctrines, state laws, local ordinance, and standards of practice are some of the valuable skills our clients rely on.  At PLSA, needing a trusted advisor to our clients is considered the hallmark of a successful land surveying consultant.  

Professional development is an important part of our team’s success.  PLSA cultivates our employees’ skills through continual training and mentoring, which prepares our staff to be ready for challenging projects and advancing technology.  Our surveyors attend workshops, seminars, and conferences concerning surveying practice, technology, equipment, and other subjects to maintain their knowledge and continue to be leaders in the field.  PLSA senior staff and specialized in-house technicians frequently host “lunch and learn” sessions on various topics which are open to all employees. These valuable training and interaction sessions  facilitate cross-training, technical skills mastery, and public speaking skills.  

Developing future leaders is important to our future success.  At PLSA, our skilled technicians are mentored and encouraged to obtain certification as Land Surveyor In Training and other professional titles, and to eventually achieve licensure as a Professional Land Surveyor.

Our Land Surveyors are committed to the profession.  Our dedicated professionals at PLSA are active in professional organizations such as the California Land Surveyors Association, where several of our Surveyors have held elected board leadership positions, and serve on various committees, including teaching future Land Surveyors at and exam review course.

A quality approach.  PLSA implements continuous process improvements through project tracking, senior staff review, “brainstorming”, and implementation of improved workflow ideas.  These well-proven quality concepts inspire and guide our management style.


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